My last year in college? Uh, wow.

First thing’s first… diet progress. There’s not a lot to say, except that I kind of jumped off of the bandwagon as far as the diet is concerned. Don’t get me wrong — I haven’t been guzzling booze, going out to eat every night, and eating all kinds of bad shit. I just haven’t been food journaling or keeping up with exercise on the treadmill like I was doing in the past.

I did go shopping for some new fall clothes the other day. I was happy to find that I tried on some jeans at Old Navy that were the same sizes as I was used to buying. I also tried on nearly everything in my closet the other day to make room for new fall clothes and get rid of stuff I wasn’t using. I was disappointed to find that some of my favourite shirts don’t fit right now, but I set them aside in hope that in a few weeks they might.

School started on Wednesday and Thursday, and this is my last fall semester as an undergraduate student. It is a weird feeling, so I’m trying to put it out of my mind for right now. So far, I think this should be a good semester. Out of the four days I have class, I only have to wake up and head out of the house super-early on two days and the other two days I can wake up a little later and take my time in the morning.


1:10-2:40pm – SPA325 Intro to Latin-American/Latino Literature
2:50-4:30pm – CIS485 Management Info Systems (Honors)
4:30-6:00pm – MSD340 Production & Operations


9:45-11:15am – BUS/MKT444 Special Topics: Marketing and the Law (Honors)


1:10-2:40pm – SPA325 Intro to Latin-American/Latino Literature
2:50-4:30pm – CIS485 Management Info Systems (Honors)
4:30-6:00pm – MSD340 Production & Operations


9:45-11:15am – BUS/MKT444 Special Topics: Marketing and the Law (Honors)



Those four classes add up to 12 credits, but I am also getting an extra 3 credits for the internship that I completed in July. All I have left to do is write a paper about a related topic and turn it in by the end of the semester. I have my topic and a few sources, but I just have to start writing it. Actually, if anyone has any good articles that they have read on social media or social media marketing, let me know because I could use them. :)

I don’t have final exams for two of my classes, which is great. There is a test in one that will be given on the last day of class (December 8th) and a paper due in the other, also due on the last day of class (December 9th). The two finals that I do have are the following week, December 13 and 14, and then I will be done; no need to come in on the very last day of finals, December 20. Yay.

I’m actually happy about being on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays because there is an open period from 11:30-1:00 when events, club meetings, and other special things typically take place. I will finally be on campus for that again and won’t have to go out of my way to drive down to attend those things. Oh, and I’m really happy about having off on Friday; three day weekends for the rest of the semester!

Sometime soon I should be starting another internship. I was supposed to go for training last week, but the session was cancelled and has yet to be rescheduled. When my contact returns from her vacation next week, I’ll get in touch with her so I can see about starting sometime soon. I need 100 hours minimum to get credit and if they want me there only 10 hours/week, I will have to stay with them 10 weeks through what’s left of September, all of October, and maybe all of November. I’m hoping that I can get more than 10 hours put in during a few of those weeks so we can maybe cut the time down to 8 weeks instead so I can still have time to focus on the rest of my coursework, but I’m sure we’ll work that out.

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  1. A friend of mine once managed to have ALL his classes T/Th, but those were basically 9-5 days. 1 to 6 isn’t a bad chunk of time, though.

    I know a million people will ask you this in the coming year, but have you thought about what you might do after you graduate?

    P.S. The text in the comment box is really, really small. I know my 24-year-old self is old compared to the college freshmen I work with, but I’m not THAT old, and yet I can barely read what I’m writing right now.

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