New color theme, updated content

Changed the color theme of the layout again and a few minor things, like the width of the page and some of the template code that is basically invisible anyway. I can’t seem to find the inspiration or time to create a new layout from scratch, so this will continue to suffice. I happen to really like the colors; they are based off of a palette created by someone on ColourLovers (I’ll post the link tomorrow; I’m tired right now.)

I’m also working on updating the content, since it hasn’t been revised in a while. You’ll find that the description on “The Domain” page has been updated. The rest will follow suit.

Update: After trial-and-error with the styling (there are so many classes and ids to keep track of), I finally switched over to using widgets for the sidebar and got it to look pretty much the way I want it to look. Yay. :D

P.S. Here’s a plug for my friend’s new weblog about dieting and exercise: Dave @ Check it out and be sure to leave a comment. (You’re welcome, Dave. :wink:)

One thought on “New color theme, updated content”

  1. I love the color scheme! Purple is my favorite color, and the silver/grey complements it really well. I should tell you that the “The Exit” tab is cut in half for me (FF 3.6, window around 1024×768).

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