New domains registered, projects to come

Oh, hey, it’s April. I’m still alive and the facade of looks a little different because I was sick of staring blankly at the old layout. But HEY! You know what’s even more exciting? I have two brand, spankin’ new domain names. Of course, this is a-few-weeks-old news by now, as they were registered near early-April, but who is counting the days (except me)? Nobody!

So, what’s going on?, you may ask. I have a few ideas… The first domain, which I am not yet ready to reveal to the general public, is for a business idea that some individuals actively involved in my personal life outside of the internet have heard me discussing. The second,,, is a placeholder for a professional portfolio. Not like that is a new concept for me – i.e., circa 2005, and now I can’t get the damn name back because somebody has it locked up for a period of time. It will, however, be the very first time that I will actively try to bridge my personal and professional “lives” together on one website.

So that’s the vision. Both domains, the one that I have yet to reveal and the one that I have already revealed, currently forward here until all of that happens. Read: until I have the time to make all of that happen. The good news is that I have until 2018 to figure it out, at which the domains will expire and I will have wasted about $78 and change. Let’s hope it doesn’t play out that way… :wink:

By the way, this is post #700 on this WordPress installation. The “early years”, 2002-2005, were lost in the host change from Netrillium to Surpass, otherwise I think we’d be closer to 1,000 at this point. Happy post #700! And how does and fit in with these two new domains?, I’m not so sure, but this blog won’t be going anywhere — definitely not in the next year and a half, because the name expires in July 2014. My vision was to keep this going and make it loosely tied, via links, to my portfolio project. You know, for SEO and all that good stuff. So, five or fewer visitors who actually come here still, REJOICE! :grin:

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