New laptop!!!

The brand new laptop that I ordered last week should be here today! I was contemplating buying it for a few days and by the time I ordered it last Friday, it was already backordered with an expected ship date of 5-14 days. Thankfully, I got an email last night that said that the order was shipped yesterday from a location about an hour away from where I live, and the UPS shipment is out for delivery today. Awesome!!!

I got a deal on it, too: $499 with free shipping, so it came to $530 after tax. I see on the website that it is already back up to $599, so I just squeaked by on getting that deal. Some of the reviews I read were mixed, but since I am going to be using this laptop primarily for basic work, performance wasn’t too big of an issue for me. It has a DVD burner, which is awesome since I only have a CD burner in my computer and my dad’s DVD/Lightscribe burner does not work in his HP Desktop (it’s the second drive that broke after limited use, so I’d be cautious of buying an HP computer!), and DDR3 memory. A lot of the other laptops I looked at only had DDR2 and were the same price, if not more expensive. The rest of the specs can be found on that link above, but yeah- it sounded like an awfully good deal for what I’m going to be using it for.

My first laptop was actually a Toshiba Satellite. It was purchased in 2000 for my 11th birthday at Circuit City for… well, a hefty amount of money, since we didn’t “price shop” back then and I was too young to know better. It had problems over the years, but it took a beating overall. The backlight burnt out at one point and when it was replaced there was a line of dead pixels on the screen; nobody had a clue what happened and it was simply too much to replace so it stayed like that. (It still would cost about $200-300 to replace with a new screen, even though it is a 10 year old laptop. Go figure!!) The battery also died and the power jack is screwed up, which causes the computer to shut off at random points, but by the time those problems finally happened the computer was on it’s way out and I had a new desktop PC set up by 2005. Otherwise, the computer was pretty reliable. It still runs, actually, but because of the problem with the power jack and dead battery, it is very annoying to use for extended periods of time and heavy to tote around.

My desktop is 5 years old and still running well from having been maintained over the years. It could continue to run well with a few minor fixes, but I needed something more portable for school and this deal on the laptop came at the right time. I figure in another few years I’ll do a complete upgrade on my desktop, and keep rotating off that way between laptops and desktops if needed.

Update: Well no sooner did I write this post did I receive a knock on the door, and guess who it was? The UPS man with a box for me that looked about the size of a computer…! I’m actually using it right now to finish writing this, and I was surprised with the size of the screen. It has a widescreen monitor that is about 17″ and a full keyboard with a number pad. It weighs about 6lbs, which is a little hefty but not too unmanageable. I’ll write more about it soon. :grin:

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  1. That looks nice. I got a new HP laptop for Christmas: only my second computer ever. It was a necessity to jump ship from Dell after its hardware failure. It wasn’t cheap, not by a long shot, but I’m very happy with it, and if it holds on for 5 years like my old one did, the extra $$$ will be worth it.

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