New movie preview: Across the Universe, RE3, Saw IV

I saw that the new Beatles-inspired movie, Across the Universe, already came out or is coming out this weekend. I saw the trailers for it a while back and it didn’t do anything for me. My dad might be interested in seeing it when he finds out that it is inspired by the Beatles, his favourite band on the face of the universe. While I like the Beatles a lot and essentially grew up listening to them, I don’t think I am going to be checking this movie out. Here are a few of my reasons.

1. I am not much for (most) musicals-made-into-movies. Musicals and plays are great. Movies are great. Combine the two and things get a little iffy, as far as I am concerned. Moulin Rouge, I did not even bother watching, and the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera upset me. I saw Phantom two or three times on Broadway and absolutely loved it. When the movie was on TV one day, I watched only part of it before it lost my interest. It wasn’t nearly as wonderful, any of it.

2. I am very critical of cover songs. Remixes are a different story — I love remixes of almost every kind — but I don’t generally like cover songs unless they are really well done. A good song covered by a mediocre band or artist is not-so-great. In fact, it can ruin the whole “spirit” of the song. Type O Negative’s cover of “Cinnamon Girl,” Stone Temple Pilots cover of “Revolution,” and even AFI’s cover of “Halloween” all came out great. On the other hand, let me not even get into speaking about Limp Bizkit covering a Tool song. The music that I heard in the trailer of Across the Universe, the new renditions or “covers” of the Beatles songs by other artists or the actors, just didn’t sound right to me.

3. The movie looked corny. One could criticize me for saying that about this movie and liking the Resident Evil series at the same time; but it is a matter of preference, right? Right. So I still think the movie looked corny based on the trailer.

As I made reference to, Resident Evil 3 also comes out this weekend. In the third and final movie of the series, the surviving characters from the second film are in the desert and have to defend themselves against the zombies. The whole movie, I am assuming, takes place in the desert and there are flashbacks to the second and first movies. I noticed that there were scenes from the first movie in the trailer that I don’t recall seeing. Maybe they are extra scenes that they did not put in and saved for this movie.

Saw IV is slated for release this Halloween, following suit with the other three and the trend of releasing them on Halloween. Unfortunately, I won’t be at this one opening night since I am going to see Type O Negative; but if the show is sold out, by some very unfortunate chance, this would be a good second option. From the trailer, it looks like the same shenanigans all over again. Jigsaw is dead, as is his apprentice, but after doing a very gruesome autopsy on Jigsaw, the pathologist finds a tape hidden in his stomach. Lovely! We can all guess what happens from there…

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  1. Ok, so there’s really a Saw FOUR? Gosh. I did enjoy all the others, though.. I’m still a bit surprised. I haven’t really seen any other good movies lately. I don’t know if I’d be interested in the beatles inspired movie, either. The last movie I saw that I really loved was Blood Diamond.

    I saw Type O around halloween back in the early 90s. They opened for Danzig. It was freaking awesome. I mean I had liked them a little before I saw them, but after I saw them live I was in love.

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