Newish layout!

I really like the layout style, so I’m keeping it and changing the colour theme- as you can see. Yay, new colour theme for the holidays!

Credit for the lovely colour palette goes to:

leatherbound by nancythequilt on

Also, can someone let me know if the Comment Love thing is working on the comments page? It just says, “no last blog posts to return” for me when I’m logged in… *scratches head* Hmm.

Updates – The sections above are slowly being edited, one by one. I removed some of the content pages that I no longer found necessary and am in the process of condensing the content for now, so the important stuff can be seen on those main pages instead of having 2343525353 pages with a little bit of content on each.

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5 thoughts on “Newish layout!”

  1. I’m not a big fan of the Disqus comment system. I just want to be able to leave my blog address without necessarily connecting it to my facebook profile or facebook to my blog. Is this a tacit sign that I should unify my real, blog commenting, and facebook lives?

    1. I didn’t connect Facebook to my blog, either, but I connected Twitter to my blog. I just like the idea that users are able to sign in to comment with their Facebook profiles, if they don’t have a website and want to leave a comment that way. The whole idea of connecting social media and blogging is pretty cool, and I’ve always been fond of cool plugins and scripts for just about anything.

      1. Actually, I see what you mean about not being able to post just a name and a website URL and I was able to make a few changes to that. Now instead of those buttons above the comment box, when you enter your comment and click on the “Post as…” button, a window pops up and you have the option to post as a guest or link your Facebook, Twitter, etc. The same login options should be available by mousing over the Discus image on the right hand side above the comment box, too.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I’ll probably just disable the Comment Luv for now until I can figure out what’s wrong with it, and I’ll look into fixing the width of the comment box; it looks fine for me, personally, but I’ll test it out on some other browsers and see how it looks. The font I used for the layout is Arial Narrow, which happens to be one of my favorite typefaces even though it is a standard one. I love the color scheme, too; I generally try to make my own and post them at, but I found this one, which was exactly what I was looking for, and I just had to use it.

    It’s sad, I’ve been relying on my glasses more and more lately so it is to the point where I just wear them all the time, lol. I need them for distance, so I’ll wear them while driving, watching a movie, etc. At one point, I thought about getting Lasik surgery. I hear it is pretty damn effective, but the idea of having scary lasers anywhere near my eyes kind of freaks me out…

  3. Hmm, testing the comment luv thing for you, and it also says “no last blog posts to return to.”

    I like the colors of your new layout. It’s holiday-like but just a hint of it (I guess since there’s not too much red). and not too overwhelming. I love the font you used! What font is it? It’s easy on the eyes. Oh, you might want to fix the textbox for your comment box… it seems to cut off the right side so I can’t see what I’m typing when my text reaches over to the right side.

    I was reading your author page and I love how you wrote “# I wear glasses when I actually feel like seeing and paying attention to distant objects.” because that’s me, EXACTLY. haha. I’m near-sighted, and can see objects far away but not too clearly. So I don’t like wearing my glasses all the time, but when I have to pay attention or read, I will slap on my glasses :left:

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