November recap

November has been a rough month. There’s nothing more to really say about it. Between an abundance of school work from the end of the semester coming up and other events, it’s been going non-stop and I can’t believe it’s already the second day of December. I’m grateful that the semester is almost over, but it hasn’t been without hardships.

On November 17th, just about two weeks ago, I lost my cousin to suicide; he was 37 years old and simply decided that he didn’t want to go on with life anymore. On November 19th, only two days after my cousin’s passing, my boyfriend’s mom was taken off of life support and also passed away; she was 56 years old and had complications resulting from kidney failure, specifically complications from a trachea that they had put in earlier this year to help her with her breathing. As one might imagine, half of the week following Thanksgiving was spent either in hospitals or at the homes of family members, mourning these losses, and a few days leading up to Thanksgiving were spent in funeral homes and churches for the services for both of those individuals.

I was physically and mentally exhausted from school to begin with until these two things unexpectedly hit me and subsequently stopped me in my tracks as far as school was concerned. I was grateful for an extension on a group presentation, which was originally due this past Tuesday and was moved to today (we did great, by the way). I’m also grateful for teachers, family members, and friends who have been very supportive of what has been going on.

For Thanksgiving, Steve and I decided to get the hell out of the state for a few days. We went down to see some of his family in Virginia and spent a few days there. day after Thanksgiving, we went shopping at an outlet center about an hour away from where they live and decided to go spend the evening and next afternoon in D.C. We shopped and ate… and it was good, since those are two of my favorite things to do. :wink:

Looking forward, I’m anticipating the holiday break that is ahead of me. With only four more days left of school, one final during finals week, and one paper due later in the month, the end of this semester cannot come soon enough. Steve and I put up a Christmas tree in his house this past weekend – I’ll post some pictures of it soon – and I’ve already bought some presents for people for Christmas. Of course, New Years Eve, one of my favorite holidays, comes soon after Christmas and so does my birthday, which is on January 6 and I will be 22 years old (wow.)

With that said, I still have to buy the new remastered version of NIN’s “Pretty Hate Machine”, so I might go and take care of that now. I’m really excited to see the new album packaging and listen to the album to see what kind of improvements they made.

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  1. Wow, that *is* tough. I’m so sorry about your losses and that you had to bear all of that at once, but it makes me glad that you survived it all and came out the same old athrax. :)

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