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Off to New Orleans!

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At the end of this week, I will be getting on a plane to make my way to New Orleans for the Verint Driving Innovation users conference in New Orleans, LA. This conference is for users of the Verint/Vovici voice of the customer (VOC) software, which I helped implement at work and received training on last year. My focus at this conference is going to be to learn more about VOC best practices, since it is a new venture at work and we have struggled with the basics like integrating structured and unstructured data and designing/asking unbiased questions to get accurate data in the past. In short, I plan on taking a lot of notes…

Aside from having the opportunity to attend the conference, I am excited because this will also be my first trip to New Orleans, a place that I have been looking to visit for a very long time as I make my way to visiting every state in America (slowly but surely!). See? I already checked it off…

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When I was younger — probably over 10 years ago, and pre-Hurricane Katrina — a co-worker of my father’s went to Emeril’s flagship restaurant in New Orleans and brought me a back a copy of the menu and a paper chefs hat. Now with the Sands Casino in Bethlehem open for business, I don’t have to travel far to go to one of Emeril’s restaurants, but there is still something to be said for visiting the flagship restaurant — or at least, the city where the it is located, because I might not have time to visit the restaurant while I am there.

I will be staying in the French Quarter, which is exciting, and started making a “hit list” of places that I want to visit while I am there, just in case I have some extra time before or after the conference. I even made a Pinterest board so I could add some places and things so I don’t forget. On that list is Cafe du Monde, an obligatory stop for the city’s signature chicory coffee and beignets/ I hear that the wait is usually a nightmare because the beignets there are so good, but we’ll see. I also might have to scout out the former location of Nothing Studios, where Trent Reznor and the gang wrote family-friendly hit Nine Inch Nails tunes about marching, pigs, and such. :wink:

Have you ever visited New Orleans? What should I put on my list of things to see and do while I’m in town?