Our anniversary, food, and the Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Next Saturday is my four year anniversary with Steve. Man, the time flies! Also occurring next weekend is the Manhattan Cocktail Classic in New York. I found this event by accident while searching for some local food-related festivals and events to attend this summer. Considering how much Steve and I love food and cocktails, what a coincidence that this event is occurring over the weekend of our anniversary, making New York and even more perfect place for a celebration.

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic is an annual event that occurs over the course of a week with seminars, tastings, and demonstrations centralized around — you guessed it — cocktails. Although a majority of the sessions were sold out by the time I found out about the event — including a dinner hosted by celebrity chef Eric Ripert, executive chef of Le Bernardin and a regular on countless food-related TV programs — I found a couple that seemed worth exploring.

The two events that we selected to go to are occurring at places that are definitely fit for foodies. The first event will be focused on vermouth and Italian cocktails on Saturday at L’Apicio, an Italian restaurant boasting delicious takes classics dishes like panzanella and pinapple tiramisu (my mouth is watering already just thinking about the tiramisu). The second will be a cooking demonstration on Sunday at the SAVEUR Editorial Test Kitchen. Let me repeat that… we will be at SAVEUR magazine’s editorial test kitchen!

Needless to say, I am very excited.

In addition to the cocktails and food, I also planned a few indulgences — a stop at The Art of Shaving so he can experience a classic barbershop shave, complete with hot towels and the company’s fantastic-smelling products, and a stop at Bliss 49 for an express facial for me — but we’ll see if we can’t make time for a few more, like a stop at Eataly. We went here in January when we were in New York for my birthday; however, it was nearly impossible to take a good look around because of how crowded it was. I don’t expect this weekend to be any different, crowd-wise, but we’ll see.

I’ll try to take some pictures to add to the gallery that I need to re-created, because I screwed up the script update a few weeks ago and never fixed it. Oops