Movies and Such

That last post wasn't exactly an epic novel and nor was it supposed to be. It was just a small update expressing my happiness about the server change going through smoothly, thanks to my super new host and the help of the tech support guys over at the help desk. In the future, I will probably disable comments on small posts like those, since there is really nothing to them. Anyway. Moving on. A few days ago, I went to see Ratatouille and left as amazed with Pixar's work as I always have been. ... Continue Reading

Server change complete!!

Yay! Successfully switched servers! And Happy 4th of July to visitors from the U.S.!

“Selling out” (haha)

Added some ads to the sidebar because what the hell, right? Hopefully they are not too ugly — just text links and boxes customized to the layout. If you are a blogger and are seeing results from ad programs, I want to know your experience; let me know!


Here is a post about my high school graduation. I graduated a few weeks ago and forgot to post this, but I wrote it the day after. Hah. =P The rest of my life starts now. Last night was my high school graduation, an event which I did not think I would enjoy nearly as much as I did. Some torrential downpour delayed the ceremony at least a half hour to forty five minutes and my parents said that the tent was shaking considerably. The administrators announced that it could withstand 100mph winds ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Bananas Fosters

I was dying to make this for the longest time and I finally got around to it tonight. It came out so good!! "2 oz" of rum is merely a guideline, as most of the alcohol cooks off, so feel free to be generous. As long as you can refrain from pouring the whole bottle in there, you should be fine. I used white rum because it is what I had on-hand, but try using dark rum, or equal parts rum and banana liquor, for extra flavor. The sugar and liquid helps to form the sauce for the bananas, and I bet it ... Continue Reading