Review: Own The Night

As always, I will try my best to speak in general terms about the movie, but there might be some accidental spoilers, so please read with caution.

I saw Own The Night this past Friday after work. I gave a brief synopsis of it before, but here is the general idea of it again:

In the movie there are three men – two brothers, Bobby and Joseph, and their father – who are caught in a conflict with one another. Bobby is a club manager at a popular night club while his brother Joseph and his father are police officers for the NYPD. The NYPD are looking into drug running that is going on among the Russian club owners in the city and – surprise, surprise – there is some illegal drug activity going on at the club Bobby works in. Bobby now needs to make a crucial decision: keep living the way he has been – with the night life, drugs, chicks, etc. – or help out his family.

It was an alright movie, compelling at some parts, but overall nothing that has not been done before in terms of the subjects and story line. I thought that, at parts, some of the dialog and acting was forced. It certainly was not The Departed.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

6 thoughts on “Review: Own The Night”

  1. My fiance and I really want to go see this movie. He is all about any movie that is crime related. =P It actually does look interesting though.

  2. i wasn’t planning on going to see that movie but it looked kinda interesting. i still haven’t seen the departed in its entirety. :(

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