Review: Shooter

Tonight, my mom recommended ordering Shooter to watch, since she saw it before in the movies and enjoyed it — partly because it was intriguing, but mainly because it had Mark Wahlberg in it.

The story is about an ex-Marine scout shooter, Bob Lee Swagger (Wahlberg). While in the Marines, Swagger was assigned to a mission out in Africa where he lost his buddy due to some “friendly fire” from an allied helicopter. Three years after returning from the mission and retiring, he was still feeling remorse about the loss of his friend. He found himself in quite a predicament when he was asked by government and military officials to describe how he would assassinate the president. I think you might be able to tell what’s coming from here…

The intriguing plot twists and conspiracies that followed reminded me of those in The Departed. Mark Wahlberg kicked a lot of ass. There were fires, bombs, shooting (what a surprise)… you get the picture. Another thing I liked about this movie? No sappy love story and no sex. Sometimes, the whole “romance” thing detracts from the sole purpose of an action movie: ass kicking, and lots of it.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.