Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

About a month ago, I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, starring Brad Pitt and directed by David Fincher. I must say that those two have done it again — another fantastic, weird movie.

Benjamin Button was born after World War I in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a newborn, his physical appearance was that of an elderly man nearing death — wrinkled skin, arthritis, cataracts… — and everyone was convinced that he would never make it past childhood. Benjamin was abandoned by his father and taken in by Queenie, a gracious African-American woman who looks after the residents at a local retirement home and treats Benjamin like her own child. By some strange phenomenon, Benjamin survives infancy and is aging backwards. As a 7 year old boy, Benjamin has the physical characteristics an 80 year old man. This causes hardship for Benjamin and his loved ones, who struggle to deal with the fact that Benjamin is not really as old as he looks.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was almost three hours long, and parts of it truly felt long. Other than that, the story was touching and I would definitely recommend going to see it. I have to add that when Benjamin reaches the point where his age more-or-less resembles his appearance, Brad Pitt looks the way he normally does — not accentuated with wrinkles and leathery skin, but the gorgeous Brad Pitt we know and love. The part where he was riding on a motorcycle, black leather jacket, jeans… wow. *cue hotflash*