Review: The Strangers

As always, I will try my best to speak in general terms about the movie, but there might be some accidental spoilers, so please read with caution.

Despite the atmosphere that kind of felt like walking/standing in a vat of hot, steamy soup all day, I had a pleasant day. While I was in the middle of hooking up my new printer, I got a call from my cousin. We were talking about going to dinner and seeing a movie the other day, so that is what we planned to do this evening. My mom and her boyfriend joined us for a nice dinner and when we were finished we still had an hour to kill before the movie, The Strangers, started. We stopped at my house for dessert and coffee, and we were chatting so much that we ended up walking into the movie 20 minutes late. A woman who sat next to my cousin filled us in on what we missed.

A young couple (Kristen, played by Liv Tyler, and James, played by Scott Speedman) left town to go on a fun, romantic weekend retreat to an isolated vacation house owned by James’ family. Their retreat turned into a horrific cat-and-mouse game when Kristen and James found that they weren’t the only ones out to have a fun time that weekend… *dun dun DUN*

Now, I enjoy horror movies. Scenes with extreme gore rarely bother me — and sometimes, I have to laugh when it gets to be really ridiculous, a la chainsaws for hands in Army of Darkness — but there are a few things in horror movies that I cannot tolerate:

1. “Jump outs”
2. Anything involving teeth (teeth smashing, teeth being pulled out…)
3. Anything involving eyes (eyes being pulled out, squished…)

Instead of relying on buckets of blood and gore to deliver a shock factor, The Strangers used good ol’ fashioned terror and “jump outs” in a dark, woodsy setting to scare the hell out of the audience. Needless to say, I was hiding my face behind my hands and occasionally peeking out between my fingers for a good half of the movie. When I wasn’t hiding my eyes, I was wondering, Who are these anonymous masked people? Are they ghosts? My question was answered by the end of the movie…

I remember seeing the trailer for The Strangers while I was at another movie and one of the first scenes of the trailer stated: based on actual events. Thinking about that while watching the movie made the movie even creepier, and now I want to find out what kind of “actual events” occurred…

And barricade my windows and bedroom door tonight, most likely.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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  1. it sucks not having a vehicle. Mine just got fixed so i’m real happy. :)
    I was wanting to see that movie. I will probably have to wait till it comes out on dvd, but it sounds good!

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