Review: Silent Hill

As always, I will try my best to speak in general terms about the movie, but there might be some accidental spoilers, so please read with caution.

The Silent Hill DVD that I got in the mail from Blockbuster has been lying around my house for a few weeks and I finally sat down to watch it (correction: attempt to watch it) this evening. Frankly, it is not worth reviewing in detail. A review would require time. Time is something that I do not want to waste any more of. I’ll save my time and write a detailed review about a good movie, i.e. The Departed, which I have never reviewed but could talk and talk and talk about.

I will say that Silent Hill was not as bad as Spawn, which I watched two times on separate occasions (for the time frame, we’re talking years: I saw the movie when I was younger and years later wanted to see it again because I thought I remember it being a mildly entertaining movie, but I was completely wrong), or AVP 2, but it was still bad. To tell the truth and to go back to what I was saying about how I attempted to watch the movie, I watched maybe 20 total minutes of the movie. The beginning failed to capture my attention, so I will shamelessly say that I took full advantage of the fast forward/skip scene option on my DVD player and only watched the parts that seemed somewhat interesting. From what I saw, I can say that I “got” the point, skipped some of the boring bullshit, and still wasn’t entertained.

Pass on this movie. If you are looking to watch a similarly themed, “survival horror” movie, pick up any one of the Resident Evil movies. Not to say that they are masterworks, but they were far more entertaining and exciting to watch than this garbage.

Rating: NO STARS out of 5 stars

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  1. I am big on horror, drama, and suspence movies-and I must agree with you here lol. I’ve watched Resident Evil and it has kept me wide eyed..but that other crap…I fell asleep on. Untraceable was quite interesting, it caught my attention so much I actually went to the theater to see it-and I must say it was worth it:)

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