So, about NIN live…

What more can I say about seeing NIN live that I haven’t said other times before? I can try my hardest to express something cohesive and intelligent without totally losing my composure and blabbing about how Trent and I will run away in another lifetime and live happily ever after on a desert island…

But maybe a little fangirling is necessary. Just a little, I promise, then I am done. I swear. :wink:

< begin fangirling / >

Trent was sporting a short hairdo and some stubble, like he was in the picture above. Now honestly, I respect him an immense amount as an artist – so much that words cannot express what some of his songs mean to me personally – but really… eye candy, much??? Sexier than when he sings the album version of “Lights in the Sky”, and that is pretty damn sexy… all whispery and sexy-like. And when he started speaking after he was singing and his voice was all raspy, I nearly died. Really. That other lifetime and the desert island are both too far away.

< / end fangirling >

No, really. It was great show all-around. I sang my heart out. I danced. (Yes, dancing is permitted at a Nine Inch Nails concert. I think. I didn’t get killed for it, at least.) I screamed “fist fuck” at the top of my lungs during “Wish.” It was pretty much perfect, as usual.

There were some songs that were left out and I would have loved to hear, like “The Line Begins to Blur”, “Non-Entity”, and “Capital G.”

A few things were thankfully extra-amazing to make up for those missing songs: Trent being sexy (first and foremost), “The Big Come Down,” “Reptile” (which I found out that Trent and I share a mutual love for), “The Frail/The Wretched,” “Discipline,” “Survivalism,” and Trent playing the xylophone during part of the “Ghosts I-IV” song set.

The obligatory “Head Like A Hole” and “Closer” were of course crammed into the two hour show. I am incredibly tired of those songs, sad to say, but “Terrible Lie” is one that I don’t feel ever gets old. In fact, it is one of my favourites. “Down In It” I can normally take or leave, but I was surprisingly excited to hear it for a change.

What else do I want to say? Pictures coming soon. I took about 150+ and only 40-something came out half-way decent, which I am pissed about. And I would post some more eye candy of Trent, but I’ll refrain (for now). :wink: