Steps to get into shape

Today is the first official day of my diet. Since the surgery in December, I have gained about 23lbs. :shock: Turning 21 in January and being in a happy relationship with someone who also loves to cook, eat, and drink didn’t help the situation, either. :wink:

At my heaviest, I was 230lbs and wearing a size 22/24 in women’s clothing. This was when I was in 7th/8th grade, about 15 years old. Going into high school in 2003, I made some serious changes in my diet and exercise routine. I became a vegetarian and cut out all kinds of meat and fish from my diet, and I started eating more raw fruits and vegetables in salads and such. This diet change and regular eating habits alone resulted in a loss or 20lbs or so. I also joined the marching band, which was some of the best exercise that I’ve had in my life, and was a member for three years. The constant drills and routines are probably part of the reason why I maintained a better weight for so long. At my lowest, I was 153lbs.

I didn’t gain the “Freshman 15” when I entered college, but I did gain a little bit of weight starting senior year in high school from not being in marching band with regular exercise. I still maintained a vegetarian or pescatarian (dairy and fish, but no other meat) diet and a weight of 160-165lbs, and I was satisfied with it. I have never been “skinny”, but that has never been my goal. Obesity runs in my family along with other serious medical problems, such as high blood pressure and heart problems, so I have to be careful.

A few weeks ago, I saw 180lbs on the scale and was upset. While this is nowhere near my heaviest weight, this was still the first time that I have seen this number on the scale since 6th grade, almost 10 years ago. I was disappointed that I wasn’t being careful enough with my diet to avoid such a gain, but also allowed a little forgiveness since I did have major surgery.

I knew I had to do something about the gain before it got out of control, so when my cousin asked me to go to Zumba with her at the gym she is a member of, I went. Not only did I go on that Saturday, bright and early at 10:30am, but I also went the next day, Sunday at 10am. I have not been back since then only because of family obligations (we cleaned out and sold my grandma’s house finally, so there have been a lot of things to do over there and I have been getting exercise with cleaning and moving things) and Musikfest (did a lot of walking in Bethlehem all last week and got a free pedometer from the Lehigh Valley Health Network booth, but the good food, wine, and beer canceled out the benefits of the walking- lol :grin:), but I plan to join her gym sometime this week and continue going.

Overall, it is my goal to get back to 160lbs by the end of the year – hopefully sooner! My short term goal is to lose enough weight so I can fit back into my fall clothes and buy new fall/winter clothes by mid-September. I want to lose at least 1lb per week to start, but 2lbs per week would be even better. I am also going to cut back on my diet and try to eat more raw fruits and veggies whenever possible; as I’ve mentioned before and while it can be very effective, I don’t think an intense raw diet is for me.

This morning, I walked 1.26mi (5 laps) on the treadmill at a speed of 2.5-3.2mph for 27 minutes. Later today, I plan on going to the mall to walk some more. There are three nice big levels, so I should get a lot of steps in there.

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  1. Anna, good luck with all of the hard work. I had Gastric Bypass last September, it has not been a year yet and I have already lost over 100 pounds. It is life changing and took a lot of work mentally and physically BUT was the best decision I have ever made!

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