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OscarsĀ® Viewing Party: Deciding on Decorations and Activities

In preparing for my upcoming OscarsĀ® viewing party at the end of this month, I thought it would be a good idea to get some of the fundamental and easier things out of the way: deciding on how to set up the rooms, how to decorate them, and what activities we will have (after all, someone's acceptance speech is bound to run too long and I wouldn't want everyone to get bored...) The Room Setup The dining room in our house isn't very big at all, but the kitchen and living room areas are relatively ... Continue Reading

$640 million dollars…!!!

US lottery players dream of $640 million jackpot - Buzz is building around the largest lottery jackpot in world history - at least $640 million - ahead of the Mega Millions drawing Friday night in Atlanta. Did you hear about this? How could you not?! Tickets are on sale tonight until 10:45pm EDT, and I know I will be going out to get some relatively soon. What would you do if you won $640 million dollars? Holy shit. I can't even imagine where I would start spending the money. Actually. I know ... Continue Reading