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World Suicide Prevention Day – 09/10/11

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, an annual day of awareness co-sponsored by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Each day, around 3000 people commit suicide. The goal of World Suicide Prevention Day is to bring "public attention on the unacceptable burden and costs of suicidal behaviours with diverse activities to promote understanding about suicide and highlight effective prevention activities." I never thought that I would ... Continue Reading


Who has heard of and/or used GoodSearch.com? GoodSearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo that donates a percentage of advertising revenue to the charity of your choice. I have been using GoodSearch for over a year and recently set it as my homepage. When I open up Firefox and use it to search the web for something I'm looking for, about a penny is donated to the National Kidney Foundation. There is also a shopping feature where a percentage of purchases made at major online shopping centers, such ... Continue Reading