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Diet Progress: Start of Week 2

I'm now into week 2 of my diet. While I have made some changes last week, I find that it is very tempting to fall back into old habits. I'm definitely monitoring what and when I eat, and still trying to keep everything in moderation... but it is more difficult than I remember it being!! :frown: Sunday Brunch: Coffee w/ half-and-half, homemade potato pancakes w/ sour cream Snack: Handful of butter toffee cashews, diet pepsi Dinner: Cheese stuffed baby peppers w/ sour cream sauce; potato pancakes; ... Continue Reading

Diet Progress: Day 4

No pictures today because I was out most of the day yesterday. :frown: Breakfast: Black currant black tea with Equal sweetener and yogurt Lunch: One slice of veggie meatloaf, one scoop of mashed potatoes, and a big salad I went out to eat for dinner to an Italian place last night. I can't tell you how much I really wanted to get the penne vodka, baked ziti, or eggplant rollatini, but I went with shrimp scampi over linguini; a lighter option when compared to heavy cream sauces and heavy baked ... Continue Reading

Diet Progress: Day 3

More pictures today!! Yay, pictures! :D I realize that some people like to have intense work outs to get into shape, feel better, or look great in a swimsuit during the summer. Well, I'm not taking as intense of an approach because I don't want to quickly burn myself out or get bored. I want to try and sustain working out regularly over a period of time because I have a reputation for starting a workout routine, keeping a food and workout log, and overall kicking ass on the treadmill for about ... Continue Reading

Diet Progress: Day 2 Recap

Yesterday I said that there would be pictures in today's post and I'm keeping my promise. You can click for larger pictures, I just put the smaller ones in here to take up less space. :D For breakfast: Coffee with fat free creamer and one container of Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt with probiotics. I love this yogurt because it comes in yummy flavors like blueberry pomegranate and cherry. Even the fat free kind is thick and rich, not thin and watery like some fat free yogurts tend to be. After breakfast, ... Continue Reading

Diet Progress: Day 1 Recap

The day started out well yesterday. Coffee with fat free flavored coffee creamer was for breakfast when I woke up around 8:30ish. Lunch around noon was a veggie "chicken" patty on one slice of whole grain bread with mustard and tomato, a side of steamed mixed veggies (Green Giant kind or something), and a bottle of water. A handful of pretzels was a midday snack. After that, I got side-tracked... :frown: I didn't get to the mall yesterday like I had planned on, but I caught up on some work ... Continue Reading