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OscarsĀ® Viewing Party: Gold and Black and Stars All Over

With less than two weeks away from the party, the preparation is coming along very well. The decorations, activities, and room set-up decisions have been made, and I have plenty of ideas for snacks and drinks that I am still working to narrow down. I already know that I will definitely focus on pitcher cocktails (so nobody -- i.e., me -- has to play bartender all night) and small bites/appetizers, with maybe a simple dessert thrown in at the end. Going back to the decorations for a minute, I ... Continue Reading

Everyone is blogging now

It seems as if I have set some kind of precedent with my "offline" friends because now everyone is getting a blog, lol. I recently set one up for my man, Steve, who will be working on building a customized mandolin, completely from scratch, in the upcoming months. It seems like it is going to be a lot of hard work, and he mentioned to me that he thought it would be cool to set up a blog and write about it along the way. Of course, I jumped ahead and set up one for him, and he seems to be catching ... Continue Reading