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Diet Progress: Start of Week 2

I'm now into week 2 of my diet. While I have made some changes last week, I find that it is very tempting to fall back into old habits. I'm definitely monitoring what and when I eat, and still trying to keep everything in moderation... but it is more difficult than I remember it being!! :frown: Sunday Brunch: Coffee w/ half-and-half, homemade potato pancakes w/ sour cream Snack: Handful of butter toffee cashews, diet pepsi Dinner: Cheese stuffed baby peppers w/ sour cream sauce; potato pancakes; ... Continue Reading

Diet Progress: Day 3

More pictures today!! Yay, pictures! :D I realize that some people like to have intense work outs to get into shape, feel better, or look great in a swimsuit during the summer. Well, I'm not taking as intense of an approach because I don't want to quickly burn myself out or get bored. I want to try and sustain working out regularly over a period of time because I have a reputation for starting a workout routine, keeping a food and workout log, and overall kicking ass on the treadmill for about ... Continue Reading