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Recipe: Chickpea Stew

I did a Google search the other day for vegetable stew because I was in a "stew" kind of mood since it was chilly out, and I found a great recipe for a Middle Eastern-inspired chickpea stew. Of course I added to the recipe and changed a few things, but overall it turned out wonderful served over couscous. This is supposed to be a hearty stew, so don't chop the vegetables too fine. I stuck to a medium dice on most of the vegetables and cut the carrots into half-moons about 1/4 inch thick, and everything ... Continue Reading

Four Foods On Friday #99

1. How do drink your hot chocolate? Marshmallows? From boxed or scratch? I try to make it from scratch every so often because it tastes so much better, but I also have some Godiva hot chocolate on hand that is a good substitute for scratch. I like mine with whipped cream or marshmallows, depending on my mood. :yummy; 2. Do you prefer cider hot or cold? Cold. 3. Do you like egg nog? Yes, every once in a while. I find that if I buy a pint of it, though, I never drink the entire container; ... Continue Reading

Four Foods On Friday #98

1. How many cookbooks do you have? (1-10, 11-20, 20+) Oh man, probably more than 20. (Speaking of, I've been looking for my Bon Appetit cookbook - the newer one with the orange cover, I think it's a 25th anniversary edition or something - but I can't find it. :frown: I think it's in a box somewhere from when we moved, and I never unpacked it.) 2. Where do you keep your large utensils (such as slotted spoons, spatulas, etc)? In drawers. I had my drawers neatly organized and arranged, but they ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Potato Pancakes

Since I have a large bag of potatoes on hand (I'm part-Irish, what can I say? :wink:), I was looking for something to do with them before they turned rotten and useless. Fortunately, an old vegetable cookbook that I found on my bookcase, Vegetable Cooking of All Nations, edited by Florence Schwartz, had about 70-something recipes for potatoes. Using one of the recipes I found in the book, I made something that I've been craving to eat for a week or two now: potato pancakes. Potato pancakes have ... Continue Reading

The Weekly Musing #9

Well, I didn't get to post a new set of questions on Friday, as anticipated, but here they are. Better late than never :wink: Feel free to comment if you answer any TWM questions on your blog. If you don't know what The Weekly Musing is, feel free to check out a brief description of what it's about by clicking here. Otherwise, let's get things started... The Weekly Musing #9 I just saw Julie & Julia yesterday with my honey, so I am kind of in the mood to talk about food. (Truthfully, I'm always ... Continue Reading