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Four Foods On Friday #40

#1. Candy. Do you prefer sweet or sour candy? It depends on my mood - whether I am feeling sweet or sour on any particular day. :wink: #2. Gum. Love it? Hate it? What kind is your favorite? I like chewing gum on occasion, but sometimes my jaw starts to hurt if I chew it too much. Generally, I go for fruity-tasting gum, and I really like those Ice Breakers "Ice Cubes." They look like little ice cubes (haha, who would have guessed it... :wink:) and have ice "crystals" of flavor in them. Yummy. #3. ... Continue Reading

Four Foods On Friday #38

1. Fruits and veggies. Do you prefer them peeled or not? I generally like them un-peeled, unless they absolutely have to be peeled (i.e. bananas, oranges...) 2. What’s your favorite fresh fruit or vegetable smell? Watermelons and peaches have about the best smell. 3. What’s the worst food smell you’ve ever smelled? The smell of a person who has been working in a restaurant all day, because there are all kinds of food smells all combined into one horrible odor. I used to reek when I ... Continue Reading