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UM: Week #416

Bootie :: Baby User :: Password Child :: Annoying I was just at the mall and there were a lot of screaming children there... hence the association. :wink: Scribe :: Elder Also reminds me of the Fallout video game series and the Brotherhood of Steel. I've played Fallout 3 and New Vegas too much, heh... Manager :: Boss Upsetting :: Sad Puddles :: Water Hopeful :: Future Procrastination :: Inevitable Statistics :: Hate I hated taking statistics. Thankfully, I passed both classes the ... Continue Reading

Four Foods on Friday

#127 Tell me your four favorite fruits. I like almost all fruits. Especially when they're ripe and delicious. Yummm. Pineapple D'Anjou Pears Blackberries Golden Delicious Apples #126 Tell me four things that you have made from scratch with chocolate (or just candy if you don’t/can’t have chocolate). The following four things are probably some of my favorite things to make with chocolate. Flourless chocolate torte. A month or so ago, I made a Bon Appetit recipe ... Continue Reading

Four Foods on Friday #115

1. What kind of olive oil do you use? Generally I use whatever is on sale for sauteing, pan frying, etc. My friend just gave me a bottle of olive oil that she got in Italy and I also use olive oil from this local store called Seasons for special applications like putting on grilled and roasted veggies, salads, vinaigrettes, finishing sauces, etc. 2. Do you prefer salted or unsalted butter? I personally like unsalted butter, a must for baking, but my parents generally also buy salted for eating ... Continue Reading

The Weekly Musing #10

It's been almost a year since a new TWM was posted on this site, so I'm bringing it back. New questions will be posted any time during the week, not just on Sunday, and I will try to give a day or two notice before posting a new set of questions. Please comment if you answer any TWM questions on your blog. If you don't know what The Weekly Musing is, feel free to check out a brief description of what it's about by clicking here. Otherwise, let's get things started... The Weekly Musing #10 ... Continue Reading

Friday Fill-Ins #165

1. A cup of tea makes me feel all warm inside. 2. Nice-smelling candles and cookies baking in the oven makes a place feel like home. 3. Everything has its beauty, even though sometimes it is hard to see. 4. Do you like the taste of strawberries in the summer? 5. Art makes me stop and appreciate the brush strokes and small little details. 6. LOL I just noticed I forgot to buy my book for Spanish so I can read it this weekend, but now I'm snowed in. Oops. 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm ... Continue Reading