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Dexter: Season 6 Premier Episode on Youtube

Finally, Dexter is back! Unfortunately, I don’t have Showtime so I’ll have to find another way to watch the series, but at least the first episode is available on Youtube. Censored is better than nothing, I guess…

Review: Double Cross by James Patterson

Double Cross is James Patterson's 13th novel in the Alex Cross series. I can't remember if I read any of the others- I probably have, but it's been a while. Needless to say, I saw this for $1.00 when I went to a used book store last weekend and had to pick it up, along with Red Dragon, which is the only Thomas Harris book of the "Hannibal" series that I have not read. In Double Cross, Alex Cross, who retired from law enforcement and opened up a private psychiatry practice, finds himself up against ... Continue Reading