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Eats for Game Day (or Commercial Watching… Your Choice)

Today is the big game and, unlike basically all of my fellow Americans, I am admittedly not a huge American football fan. I'll watch it if it is on the TV and I am out at a bar or if someone else wants to watch it, but I don't have a favorite team and I don't get mad about who wins or loses. As a marketer and foodie, though, I am sure you could have guessed that I love the eating, partying, and commerical-watching aspects of game day. In the kitchen is where one might find me on any Superbowl ... Continue Reading

Party Time!: Country-inspired Birthday

Last weekend, I helped my friend Dawn cook for her mom's surprise 60th birthday party. The theme was country-inspired -- bandannas, plaid shirts, jeans... -- so, of course, the menu had to include a lot of comfort foods. She picked out a lot of great things that and, with the help of friends and relatives, we were pretty efficient with serving the courses on time. The food was plenty enough to feed about 30 people, with leftovers, and from what she told me she was able to keep the whole thing under ... Continue Reading