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On Pinterest: Turkey Day

The quintessential holiday for eating in the U.S. is upon us, folks. Thanksgiving. This year, my immediate family and I will be celebrating on the weekend, since we all have other plans for today. That certainly doesn't stop me from discussing my menu, though, as I've only been thinking and dreaming about what I'm going to make for the past few weeks... ;) *cue melodic, daydreamy music* Appetizers-- on most holidays, it seems like everyone skips breakfast and lunch so they can eat extra of the ... Continue Reading

On Pinterest: Bitters and Cordials

This sounds foolish to say now, but when Pinterest first launched I was skeptical to see if it was going to be successful. Mood boards -- collections of images, words, thoughts, colors, and other inspiration -- have been used in creative design (graphic and fashion design, branding...) for quite some time. Social bookmarking sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon already had been around the block. Social giants Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and a number of other image sharing and microblogging sites ... Continue Reading

The Pinterest Phenomenon

Pinterest is one of the hottest social networks to debut in quite some time. Since its launch earlier this year, comScore reported that the site hit over 10 million unique views each day back in February and is now the third most popular social network with over 18 million unique daily views, right behind social giants Facebook and Twitter. Countless brands in the B2C (business-to-consumer) realm have noticed the overwhelming popularity of Pinterest that blossomed in such a short time period ... Continue Reading