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Saturday 9: Mysterious Ways

Writing prompt via Saturday 9 1) In honor of St. Patrick's Day (this coming Tuesday), we're featuring one of Ireland's most successful exports, U2. What else is Ireland famous for? Guinness and Jameson, the Blarney Stone, golfing on really green grass, tea and scones... I could go on, but I guess I will stop there. :) 2) The Dublin studio where U2 recorded this song (and all of Achtung, Baby) is now a music store called Claddagh Records. U2 pilgrims from all over the world travel to the ... Continue Reading

Saturday 9: All Dressed in Love

Writing prompt via Saturday 9 1) In this song, Jennifer sings, "I look good in love..." What about you? When you're happy, or sad, does it show? Or do you keep an even demeanor, no matter what? It really depends on the situation and who I am around. 2) This song played over the closing credits of a hit movie, Sex and the City. When you go to the movies, do you visit the concession stand for popcorn, or a soft drink, or candy? Of course! Popcorn and a Diet Coke are a must for movie-watching ... Continue Reading

Saturday 9: The Lazy Days of Summer

1. What is your favorite summer drink? Homemade lemonade or limeade made with club soda instead of water so it is all fizzy and tasty. :yummy: 2. What is the best summer sport to play? I used to play a lot of badminton in the back yard when I was a kid. 3. What’s the best summer sport to watch? Baseball, hands-down. Baseball season is one of the best times of the year. 4. Do you like the ocean, the pool or the lake? The pool. 5. Some folks drink whiskey in the winter and gin, tequila ... Continue Reading

Saturday 9: My Favorite Things

1. What is your favorite thing to do alone? Play The Sims 2 2. What is your favorite thing to do with your best friend? Hang out and have a coffee, or hit the boardwalk. 3. What is your favorite band? Nine Inch Nails since 2001. :grin: 4. What is your favorite song? Currently Passive by A Perfect Circle. The demo version was called "Vacant" and it was supposed to be a Tapeworm song, the band that never really was involving the super-duo M. Keenan and El Rezzo. 5. What is you favorite ... Continue Reading