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BRC Internship: Day 2

Second day at the internship. I spent a large part of the day learning more about the company and the employees, researching articles to post, and "scoring" the chips. To score, the chips are cut into rectangles (or something close to a rectangle) with a large pastry wheel contraption before they are put into the dehydrator to dry. Scoring them ensures that they can easily be broken apart once they are dried. I got to work with two guys that I didn't get the chance to meet yesterday; both were my ... Continue Reading

BRC Internship: Day 1

Today was my first day working with Brad's Raw Chips. Everyone was friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. I was hired as an intern to work on social media marketing and promoting the company using Facebook, Twitter, and other online accounts. So far, I'm in charge of generating conversations about topics that are somehow related to the company (snack foods, organic foods, raw foods, sustainable farming, etc.); finding bloggers to sample and talk about the products; and maintaining the pages. I ... Continue Reading