Talk about a winter wonderland

…a miserable, cold, and icy winter wonderland, that is.

We have been SLAMMED with horrible weather for the last week or two. Snow, ice, rain, more snow, more ice… it seems to be never ending. I have only been to class two times since the semester started last week. I should have had four classes by now – the 25th, 27th, 28th, and 1st – but class was cancelled on the 27th and I didn’t go on the 1st because of the horrible roads and the impending storm that didn’t happen. There’s no getting out of going tomorrow or Friday, since I hear we are supposed to (maybe) get another storm over the weekend or on Tuesday again. Bleh.

Because of the ice storm last night/this morning, we weren’t able to go the Rachael Ray show which taped this afternoon. I was disappointed, but I can’t believe, considering this weather, that they still scheduled to tape the show. I guess they take the old saying The show must go on very seriously because we had a ridiculous ice storm here, not even an hour and a half away from NYC.

On a positive and coincidental note, though, I got an email today saying that my request for Martha Stewart Show tickets was accepted!!! It is weird that I received the email on the same day that I had to miss out on the RR Show because of the weather, but it also made the disappointment tolerable. I am scheduled to go with my mom to a taping of the show later this month and by then I hope, *FINGERS CROSSED*, that the weather improves slightly.

PLEASE, just for a few days, I hope there isn’t any snow or ice!! I think a majority of the people in the Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic regions are just fed up with this shit by now. Seriously, enough. When is spring going to get here?

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  1. I’ll trade consistent winter for the nuttiness in Austin. I was sweating on Saturday because it was 84. Yesterday, the temperature started at 40 and *dropped* to below freezing by midday. Clearly, the world is ending. :P

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