The Future?

A post that I saw recently got me thinking. With everyone migrating to social media platforms that are easier to work on than personal websites designed from (or close to) scratch, what do you think the “future” of personal websites/domains will be?

Will people continue to develop websites/blogs outside of Tumblr, and others- or is the temptation of having everything set up for you with a few clicks of the mouse, no coding or knowledge of web/gfx design needed, too great?

With that said, are people lazy or is life just too fast paced to bother with the details of learning a new craft or hobby?

What’s the answer- rather, is there an answer? I’d be curious to hear some thoughts…

2 thoughts on “The Future?”

  1. Well, i’ve pretty much taken a hybrid of the both of them. All the sites i’ve done recently have been on my own domain, using one of those pre-packaged sites as a base, but designing my own themes, etc. For me it’s nice to not have to write ten thousand bajillion lines of code just to have 5 working pages within a site, but I can’t stand having a site that looks the same as everyone elses. Speaking of which, I need to get back to writing my new forum software…

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