The Weekly Musing #1: Results

Looks like I am the only person participating this week! :frown: :frown:

If you don’t know what The Weekly Musing is, feel free to check out a brief description of what it’s about by clicking here. Otherwise, let’s get things started

The Weekly Musing #1: Results

Currently in its 3rd season, The Next Food Network Star is a reality TV show competition of talented chefs of all kinds, from home cooks to professionals. At the end of the season, one, and only one, winner will jump-start his/her career as a hot new celebrity chef with his/her own television cooking show on The Food Network and a feature article in an upcoming issue of Bon Appetit magazine. For the first time ever, the competition has been narrowed down to not two, but three talented finalists. The three remaining competitors will compete on the season finale tonight and we will finally find out who the “Next Star” will be.

  • If you are following the show, who do you think will win?! Is there anyone you want/wanted to win or would have liked to see in the final three?
  • For a while there, I thought that Lisa would win the competition because of her strong culinary background and general knowledge about food; however, that doesn’t mean that I wanted her to win. In all honesty, I thought she had good ideas – especially the ideas for her pilot shows, which I thought were great and I am surprised they didn’t go with the whole “green” and organic pilot idea – but I couldn’t stand her personality. She was obnoxious 90% of the time, and even when she wasn’t acting obnoxious I still couldn’t stand listening to or looking at her. Needless to say, I am happy she didn’t win.

    Adam, I genuinely felt sorry for. He mentioned that his dream to own a restaurant failed and he couldn’t cook for a while after that experience. I thought he had a good personality, and if he tried harder and really nailed some of the other challenges, he might have had a better chance of becoming the Next Star.

    Aaron was a good choice to be the Next Star because of his warm, friendly personality. He just seemed real, too, and not as phony as Lisa or a ham like Adam… and he is from Jersey! GO N.J.!!!! :wink:

  • Could you see yourself living the life and performing the role of a hot celebrity chef – or would your kitchen quite literally go up in flames by the end of the first episode?
  • I think I could pull off being a celebrity chef with my own line of products, restaurants, etc., but I don’t know about having my own TV show. I have some experience acting and being on stage, but I am not sure if I could be an annoying ham 24/7 like Rachel Ray or Paula Deen. And I must say that I used to like both of those ladies a whole lot, but their personalities are too overboard and phony for my liking now; their voices are just tiresome and obnoxious after a while. Ugh.

  • If you were a celebrity chef, what would your signature dish be?
  • If I was a celebrity chef, I would like to be known for my desserts. Desserts are just delicious, the best part of the meal as far as I am concerned, and for the most part I think that pastry chefs have more creative freedom than regular chefs.

  • Is there another reality TV cooking competition that you like better (Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef…)? Explain why.
  • Padma aside (ugh, can’t stand her…), Top Chef is my favourite TV cooking competition. Unlike the Food Network Star, which is only exciting to watch sometimes, Top Chef is exciting to watch all of the time.

    I also watched Hell’s Kitchen a few times and that wasn’t nearly as exciting as Top Chef, either. Gordon Ramsey also annoyed the hell out of me. Pompous bastard…

  • If any, additional opinions or thoughts about “The Next Food Network Star.”
  • It is interesting how Guy seems to be the shining Food Network Star thus far. He has appeared on numerous Food Network shows, advertised for T.G.I Fridays, etc. Meanwhile, where is Amy, the winner of the second season? I have not heard anything about her since her show first aired, and I only watched it maybe once or twice. Truthfully, I didn’t really like her all that much when she was competing on season two, but I am curious to see if there is a pattern – if Aaron will stop appearing after a while, too.

    It seems like Guy has been promoted more than Amy has. Is his personality that favorable that Food Network and other companies are eager to work with him and promote him? Or did Amy have a personal revelation and decide to try out the show for a while – and then quit, or not take any sponsorships? Interesting…

A new Musing will be posted tomorrow. I hope there are some participants this time! *crosses fingers*