The Weekly Musing #10: Results

It’s been awhile, but I didn’t forget… Ok. I did. *slap on the wrist*

In the spirit of following up on the last WM, posted well over a year ago (eek!), here are my results with the questions, since I’m sure everyone forgot what they were!

The Weekly Musing #10

  • Are you taking a vacation this summer? If so, where are you going? If not, where would you like to go?
  • As mentioned previously, I like taking day trips because it is a great opportunity to visit a few different places instead of blowing a lot of money in one place. Specifically, I’m looking forward to going to the beach when I get my next paycheck… *cha-ching* $$$

  • What was your favourite summertime activity as a child?
  • I enjoyed riding my bike and playing outside in the sprinkler or pool (when we had one.)

  • Do you prefer to swim in a pool or the ocean?
  • Pool, hands down. I don’t like the ocean water at the beaches in NJ. Now the Bahamas, that’s a different story..

  • Where is your favourite place to shop for summer clothes?
  • I got some nice shorts at Victoria’s Secret.

  • Name the three things that are essential to bring with you when you go to the beach or pool.
  • 1. Sunblock, because I burn horribly.
    2. A towel, to dry off obviously.
    3. Something to read, because I get bored just sitting there doing nothing.

    Money would be another essential, because oftentimes you have to pay to get on the beach, but that’s a given…

Thoughts? Ideas? Feel free to comment with your responses to these questions and/or repost on your own page.

Seriously, this meme WILL be continued… it’s fun, I like memes and you should, too. Maybe I’ll make it a once-a-month thing instead of bi-weekly, since I clearly suck at updating frequently because I’m busy… blah. As always, suggestions for questions, topics or themes would be GREATLY appreciated. :grin: