The Weekly Musing #2

If you don’t know what The Weekly Musing is, feel free to check out a brief description of what it’s about by clicking here. Otherwise, let’s get things started

The Weekly Musing #2

If you do a Google search for “green,” a guide about “green living” comes up as the second search result; immediately after a Wikipedia guide which includes information about the colour green, The Green Party, environmentally-friendly “green” products, symbolism of the colour green, and more. Over the past year or two, it seems as if the new “green” trend emphasizing environmentally conscious living has swept the nation. Suddenly people are more concerned about recycling certain items instead of merely tossing them in the trash, buying products made with recycled material, eating organically, and using canvas or reusable tote bags to haul their groceries. Companies have launched “green” product lines in the effort to show consumers that they, too, are doing their part to help the environment. Countless websites and sub-sites (see: MSN Green, which I had no idea existed until today – but I am not surprised to see it, either), e-newsletters, and blogs have popped up to reach out to the public and give opinions and tips about living “green” lifestyles – and the method of communication is even enviornmentally friendly when you consider that no paper is used, and ultimately wasted, in the effort to reach out and inform people about “green” living.

I could go on with the examples, but I think everyone “gets” it. :wink: So here’s what I want to know…

  • Do you live a “green” lifestyle? Why or why not?
  • There are those who take “green” living to more extreme levels. Have a look this story about a family who practiced “extreme” green living as an experiment for a period of time. I am not going to ruin the story, but two of the things that this family decided to do without were electricity and toilet paper(!!!). What are your opinions about their “experiment”? Could you see yourself doing some of the things they did? Why or why not?
  • What do you think about re-using “trash” materials, such as aluminum cans and toothpaste tubes, to make fashionable accessories and clothing? (See: “One man’s trash is another man’s fashion”) Would you purchase and/or wear any of these items? Why or why not?

Thanks in advance for participating! Feel free to comment with your responses and/or repost the Musing on your own page. I look forward to reading what you have to say!