The Weekly Musing #3: Results

Nobody participated. :frown:

If you don’t know what The Weekly Musing is, feel free to check out a brief description of what it’s about by clicking here. Otherwise, let’s get things started

The Weekly Musing #3

Like the first Musing I posted, this Musing is also inspired by TV – specifically, TV shows related to fashion, make-overs, etc.

  • Last Wednesday on Bravo, the final three Shear Genius stylists battled it out for $100,000 in their final challenge and a winner – Dee – was crowned. If the winning stylist or another celebrity stylist could do your hair, how would you want it? Post a picture of your ideal hairdo.
  • I love Rhianna’s bob haircut. It is so refreshing to see celebrities, like Rhianna and Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, who are not afraid to wear shorter hair and look amazing. Aside from the bob, she has some other sexy short(er) styles, too.

    As far as the colour is concerned, I actually liked the way my hair looked black, but I didn’t like the way it looked like shit when it was growing out and I didn’t like the sloppy cut. Both were faults of my own, of course, because I should have gotten it cut more often and kept up with the colour. Anyway, I love the way black hair with hot pink and platinum streaks looks on some people. While I don’t know how it would look on me, I would try it out in a heartbeat if I could have it done by a professional, especially if that person has a passion for creating funky-looking hair. :grin:

  • Would you go on an extreme makeover program, such as What Not To Wear? How would you react to having your favourite outfit insulted and thrown away by the “fashion forward” hosts of the show?
  • I think it would be fun to go on an extreme makeover program just because I would be curious to see what suggestions they would give me and what they would change about my “style.” I am not sure that I would take all of their comments and suggestions because, from what I have seen, a few of their “makeovers” didn’t look that spectacular. Also, I wouldn’t consider some of the outfits that I have seen the hosts’ wear to be that posh, so who the hell are they to completely insult some of my articles of clothing? Everyone has a few fashion “dilemmas” and different tastes, even celebrities and people who claim to know fashion.

    Moreover, I frankly laugh at some people who look too put together 24/7, and I also laugh at some of the things that are considered “fashionable” and “haute couture.” The “polished work outfit” the makeover show hosts would pick out might look a little too “polished” and too “I just purchased all of these pieces, including the matching accessories, and I am going to wear the same outfit an infinite number of times since the whole thing cost $1,000 and I was only allowed one ‘polished work outfit’ from the show…” And what happens if you forget to put on one of the twenty matching accessories; is the outfit no longer “polished” and “put together”?? :wink:

  • If a Project Runway finalist could design any type of garment for you, whether you want a sexy swimsuit to sunbathe in or a beautiful dress to hit the town in, what would you have him/her design? Be creative! Specify the type of garment, fabric, colours, accents, etc.
  • I am pretty basic, so I am going to say a corset made out of a luxe silk or velvet with accents like piping or rivets. Something hot that can be worn many different ways. I would also want a somewhat-matching skirt and trench, and killer boots.

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  1. i would love to go on a show like “what not to wear” i know i do have some pieces that the would probably let me keep, but i just want to go on for the trip to new york, and the money to create a wardrobe so i can look good everyday =D

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