The Weekly Musing #4

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these. Probably because nobody was doing them, and I was extremely busy over the fall months.

Since I have been doing these daily memes, I have come up with some pretty good questions of my own and I decided, Why not start my own meme?

As the name implies, The Weekly Musing will be a (hopefully) weekly meme about pretty much anything that has come to my mind recently (observations, thoughts, ideas, etc.) and will include some corresponding questions. Topics might include a TV show I have been watching, a new album I listened to, a dream I had, a movie I saw… anything goes.

I am going to aim to post The Weekly Musing on Sundays and any questions will be answered on Saturdays. Feel free to answer The Weekly Musing at any point during the week. Next Saturday I will answer the questions that I posted below (as well as any others that were asked) for this week’s Musing, and next Sunday there will be a completely new musing.

The Weekly Musing will be apart of Fuchsia Revolver and a seperate category will be created for the entries. If you want to link to The Weekly Musing or mention it to everyone you know that blogs, please do… :grin:

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Admittedly, I am partial to specific genres of movies and music, television shows, baseball (as opposed to any other kind of sport)… but that doesn’t mean that you have to be. If you want to share something that you have been musing over, or have some great questions and ideas you want to share, don’t hesitate to email me and I will gladly feature your musings at some point in the future. If nothing else… it is a plug for you and your site!!! Yay promotion!!! Who doesn’t like promotion?? Having said that, if you have something to say and want to have your site promoted, my email address is systematicdecline[@]gmail[.]com. I want my inbox filled with messages by noon tomorrow. Seriously, damn it. :wink:

Let’s get things started

The Weekly Musing #4

Considering the holidays that have just passed by and the ones that are to come, this Musing is all about the holiday season. I’ll try to make the questions relatively generic, so answer them based on whatever holiday you celebrate.

  • What were your wishes for the holiday season, material (presents – who doesn’t love them?) and non-material? Did you get everything you wished for?
  • Name the funniest present (i.e. a gag or joke gift) you gave to someone or someone gave to you. It can be something from this year or from years past.
  • What are some of your favourite foods to eat around the holidays?
  • How are you going to spend your New Years Eve? What are your hopes and wishes for the new year to come?

Thanks in advance for participating! Feel free to comment with your responses and/or repost the Musing on your own page. I look forward to reading what you have to say!

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