The Weekly Musing #6: Results

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The Weekly Musing #6

Ahh, summer… This week, let’s talk about your favourite summertime foods.

  • Name one food that comes to mind as the “ultimate” summer food. (This could be a food that you eat to mark the beginning of summer, a food that you eat frequently during the summer months, and/or a food that simply represents summer.)
  • I’m torn between corn and watermelon. Both foods just scream “summer” to me.

  • BBQs and cookouts: How many (approximate) do you have during the summer? Do you invite a lot of people to attend?
  • My cousin always has a few during the summer and invites a group of people to come. At our house, my parents and I grill outside a lot, but the cookouts are generally limited to just us and maybe a friend of mine.

  • When it is hot out, what is your favourite food or drink to “cool off” with?
  • Iced coffee.

  • Do you like eating outside during the summer? Why or why not?
  • It’s nice to eat outside if you are on a screened porch where the bugs can’t get to you. Otherwise, it can be a hassle to deal with the bugs and natural elements – like unexpected rain and gusts of wind.

  • The weather can make some people’s appetites change. For example, some people find themselves eating lighters meals and more salads during the spring and summer months than they do during the fall and winter months. Do you find that happens to you?
  • Yes- I find that I eat more salads and lighter meals during the summer, not only because it’s unappealing to eat a very heavy meal when it’s warm and muggy out, but also because there are nicer-looking vegetables and fruits to be found during this time of the year.

  • Share a recipe for a dish you enjoy making and eating during the summer.
  • Salads of any kind. I’ll often add sliced fresh peaches, strawberries, or some blueberries for a different taste in a simple green salad.