Things they are a-changin’

So. Things will be changing.

That I do know. What those changes will be, I don’t know yet. This was a decision I literally made five minutes ago when it became apparent that I had to do or say something. Finally.

First of all, I have these internet presences sitting here, much like everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account now, and they aren’t doing anything for me. Rather, they aren’t accurately representing me at this point., in particular, has old content that is in desperate need of a revamp, and if I had the time it would have been completed by now. isn’t that big of an offender, partially because the WordPress platform makes it easy to update on a somewhat-regular basis. No uploading of files, no screwing around with things. Click to add a new page, add some text, click save, done. I like that ease of updating nowadays. I also like the freedom to be able to fuck around with the HTML, PHP, CSS, etc. in something that is way more robust than a Tumblr platform, and keeping my foot in the game on my off-time will help me keep up with some of the things that are going on. In other words, if blogging ever becomes a relevant part of my “day job,” and it might, I’ll still look like I know what I’m doing. *thumbs up*

Moving on, the bounce rates for the domains are through the roof and have been for a while. Bounce rate… something I was never concerned with and always said fuck it to: This is for me, who cares who sees it and who doesn’t? Well, things certainly change, and it does matter if you want to do things the “right” way. Especially when this is the kind of terminology you become very familiar with in marketing. (Hooray, education.) Regardless, high bounce rate is because of stale content and inactivity, and lack of promotion… which goes back to that mini-rant that I had a few weeks ago, remember? Oh right, there have been several. :wink:

Finally, I received about a dozen notifications in the past two weeks that my owned “fanlistings” that are hosted at were being removed because of inactivity. Of course, I just saw them because I don’t get around to checking that email address that often. So Enamored fanlisting collective is another animal that will be included with the re-vamp.

What I am thinking is that salvageable content from will be migrated to in the upcoming months, effectively combining the two domains into one “superdomain.” will serve as a landing page or portal for all of the sites. Moving forward, this will be easier for me to manage… since I barely have enough time as it is.

So, are the domains going away? No, they aren’t. At least not now – they are both registered until next summer. Plus, both have Google rankings and a history of some good SEO (keyword being “some”) including backlinks associated with them, so to just let the registrations lapse wouldn’t be a good idea.

What about the sites that are hosted at Sites of mine that are hosted there will remain there; however, some of them might end up closing in the consolidation process. Sites of others that are hosted there and are active will remain there, but I can’t say the same for any sites that haven’t been updated in over a year; the owner(s) will be contacted and if they cannot be reached I will deal with the content accordingly.

I’ve always enjoyed doing this and I think there is a lot of personal and professional benefit to continue keeping up with this – or else I would have said fuck it several years ago. I’m confident that things will fall into place, and things will end up better organized and more functional than they have been in the past. It’s just figuring out the logistics of everything that is the challenging part – but it’s also the fun part, too.

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  1. That all makes sense to me. I’ve thought about expanding beyond just a blog, but I can barely keep that up. I used to run a Ron/Hermione fan site, but that got lost in the shuffle, too. So far, I’m focused on doing one thing (blogging) and doing it relatively well. As you mentioned, the power of WordPress is what made me switch and stay. I’ve been journaling for too long to stop now!

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