Tips for businesses attending trade shows

If you own a business of any size and frequently attend trade shows, take a minute to think about what your booth looks like and what kind of image it is portraying to potential clients…

  • Is everything neatly organized so people can easily find and take the information they need?
  • Do you have extra marketing materials handy (such as business cards, information packets, and brochures) so representatives can easily restock when supplies get low?
  • Is your company name and contact information prominently displayed where it can easily be seen?
  • Do you have custom logo mats on the floor near your booth or a custom logo canopy for your booth? If so, do they look neat and tidy, or are they getting a little old and worn?
  • Do your representatives look interested, enthusiastic, and willing to talk to new customers when they approach the company booth?
  • Are your representatives neatly and appropriately dressed for the occasion (designated uniforms, business casual dress, etc.)?
  • Can your representatives answer common questions and are they familiar with the materials at the booth?

Trade shows can be expensive. There are often registration fees and fees for having a booth on sight, not to mention the money spent on trade show carpet, trade show flooring, signs, banners, and other things to spice up the appearance of your booth and make it more inviting for customers. A quick look at some of the aforementioned things might help to improve your business’ sales at the trade shows you are attending and ensure that customers leave with a lasting impression of your business.