Unconscious Mutterings: Week 288

  1. Crankiness :: grouchy
  2. Backpack :: school
  3. Clone :: Dolly the Sheep (or whatever the name of that sheep was… I think it was Dolly.)
  4. High ground :: top of a mountain
  5. Dreams :: fantasies
  6. Lovingly :: caress
  7. Mistake :: error
  8. Carson :: the funny blonde gay guy formerly on Queer Eye (I miss that show!!!)
  9. Errand :: task
  10. Dozen :: cupcakes

From: Unconscious Mutterings

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One thought on “Unconscious Mutterings: Week 288”

  1. It was in fact Dolly the sheep. Also, this comment should let you know that I am alive, still interested in blogging, super busy, and now living in Alabama. (Well, that last one is only because I told you so directly, not just because I commented.)

    Lindsay’s last blog post: ACE Teacher Song Parody

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