Kitchen Tips: Unnecessary Gadgets & The Almighty Spoon

I love Williams Sonoma and kitchen gadgets… to an extent. Why to an extent? Well, because Williams Sonoma can be very expensive and some of the gadgets they sell are totally unnecessary. I’ll elaborate…

I just got an email from along with a free shipping offer, so I decided to check out the site to see if they had any new and cool things. I was meaning to buy this hand-held citrus press ($20), so I was looking around the fruit and vegetable tools section to see what other tools they had.

One tool I found to be totally unnecessary was the de-seeder ($10). As you may have guessed, it takes the seeds out of a variety of vegetables. It is essentially a handle with two loops on it which remove the seeds – and coincidentally (or maybe not), the loops are slightly concave and shaped like spoons. Know what else is shaped like a spoon? The ridiculous avocado pit remover ($15; it comes with a slicer, too, because I guess knives aren’t good enough to use.)

Hey, man, do you need to de-seed a cucumber or remove a pit from an avocado? Really, I don’t think ANYTHING is easier and more inexpensive to use than a SPOON. Seriously! Scrape the spoon across the cucumber – SWOOSH! Seeds be gone. Slide the spoon under the avocado pit – POW! Pit removed. The spoon seems to be one of the master multitaskers of the kitchen and the star, inexpensive replacement for silly tools like the de-seeder and avocado pitter. It can scoop out seeds from fruits, like melons. It can scrape out seeds from vegetables, like cucumbers and butternut squashes. It can remove pits from avocados and separate avocado flesh from skin. The spoon is a no-joke utensil; to put it bluntly, it doesn’t fuck around.

Another silly tool for avocados that I came across was the avocado masher ($20). Avocados need their own masher? Since when? Use a fork or, if you are smashing many avocados for a super-sized batch of guac, a potato masher. Really.

I could go on (garlic peeler, nut chopper…), but I am going to control myself and stop there.

After all of my unnecessary kitchen tool bashing, you might be saying, weren’t YOU thinking about buying that juice press? Isn’t that unnecessary; can’t you use a fork? Sure, I could use a fork – or my hands, for that matter. I could also use a conventional juicer or buy a reamer, but the hand juicer is different. The hand juicer juices both lemons and limes by turning them inside out, squashing all of the pulp and making a lot of juice without resorting to pulling out an annoying, hard to clean conventional juicer. I am strong, but I am not strong enough to turn lemons or limes inside out, squeeze every drop of juice from them, and obliterate them using just my hands or a fork. My hands are also not made of cast aluminum, nor are they available in fashionable neon colors.

Enough said, I think. Let me know if you come across any stupid kitchen tools and feel the same way I do. Maybe I will rant some more about the ones you found.