Update agenda for the next few months

I’m happy to say that Burned-Bridges.net is finally being updated, little by little, and so will this site. Here is what I have planned for B-B and F-R in the next few months

  • Layout Updates

    B-B.Net: Changes were made to the front index page and site stylesheet. You’ll notice that there is a different font for the whole site and it is in a larger, easier-to-read size. F-R.Org: As you can see, a few days ago I changed the layout color scheme and tweaked the look of it a little bit.

  • Updated Content

    All of the sections are in the process of being updated; some pages will be revised while others will be deleted. B-B.Net: The Author was the first section to be updated. Content was added or changed, a page was removed from the section, and more content will be posted in the future. F-R.Org: The Domain section was updated the other day with revised content.

  • New Error Pages

    B-B.Net: New error pages (graphics + color schemes) will be made and uploaded, since I am tired of looking at the old ones (especially the color scheme). F-R.Org: The error pages are FINALLY working, after tweaking around with the file and image size a little bit. Try them out – type in fuchsia-revolver.org/asfajlfaflakjs or some other random text after the / and see what happens.

  • Brand New Layouts

    B-B.Net: I hope to have a whole new layout ready for sometime after Valentine’s Day. I plan to keep the old one up at least through February, since it looks “romantic” and very V-Day appropriate. Besides, it has been up since 2009 as it is, so what does it really matter if it is up another few weeks? F-R.Org: The image/graphics strike will hopefully be over soon when I FINALLY incorporate a header image into this layout.

  • SEO

    Both domains: Since I am currently enrolled in a search engine marketing class, I might as well take advantage of what I am learning. I plan on optimizing both domains for better SEO and working on providing more effective content, whether it is through articles or a portfolio with examples of my work that I can show to potential employers. One of the major things that I realized I should do is incorporate more backlinks; for example, if I am writing something here, I’ll put some links to previous posts in for good measure.

  • Domain Renewal

    Both domains: Hosting account expires sometime during the summer and will tentatively be renewed. B-B.Net: Domain name expires in August and will tentatively be renewed. F-R.Org: Domain name expires in July and will tentatively be renewed.

  • New Domain Registration?

    I need a place to collectively put all of my work that I can point potential employers to. I am considering registering a new domain name to use as a professional portfolio or professional personal site. I might point the domain name to a directory on B-B.Net, or I might do something different with B-B.Net and move my personal site to the new domain name completely. B-B.Net might end up being used for hosting and small personal projects, like the fanlisting collective, or I might just re-direct it to F-R.org and sort of combine the two sites the way they were in the first place; both domains have a Page Ranking at this point and longevity that I would like to hang on to, so neither of them are going to be done away with completely. I’m really not sure yet what I am going to do and I don’t even have a domain name in mind. If anyone wants to help, I need domain name suggestions that come off as personal, yet professional to potential employers.

That’s what is on the agenda for now. We’ll see how everything goes, but it will happen slowly considering the 23223523523 other things that are first in line on my agenda, especially where school is concerned.