Pantry Raid: Mushroom Barley Soup

I am kicking off my list of 2015 foodie resolutions right with one of the pantry raid recipes that I promised. This one comes from last week, after we realized that the #snowmageddon was not going to be all it was cracked up to be but nonetheless could use something warm to eat, since it was still very cold outside. This recipe is healthy and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, making it a perfect recipe for using up pantry and fridge staples. Cooking guidelines are approximate, since I found … Continue Reading

Pantry Raid: Tex-Mex Casserole

It was a snowy weekend here in the Northeast. Sounds of plows and shovels could be heard all night and afternoon on Saturday as the snow fell and our development crew worked to clear it out so we could all get out of our homes and on the roads today to go about the day. We are getting another snowfall now, and even more is on the way for later in the week. Me, I am not a cold weather-loving person. Looking at the snowfall is all well and good, but I prefer to stay inside and do that, if at all … Continue Reading

Pantry Raid: Spinach-Tomato Alfredo with Rotini

Just came home from work, hungry, to find that there was nothing in the refrigerator at first glance. Peeking around my pantry and freezer, I quickly learned that I was wrong and was able to whip up a tasty pasta dish in about an hour or so. Hey, not only do I have a quick new dish that I can prepare during the week, but I also have a new idea for a reoccurring feature, appropriately titled “Pantry Raid Recipes”, which you will probably see again here on Fuchsia-Revolver. Double win. :grin: If … Continue Reading

Foodie Reservations: The Final Verdict for 2015 and What’s Ahead for 2016

Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a safe and exciting night, and is now well on the way to recovering now that it is Sunday and almost back to the work week, sadly. :( Now is about that time when everyone is mulling over their goals for the year. As for me? I’ve already put a few requisite and cliché things on my list — those are, lose weight and get back to the gym — as well as some not-so-cliché things — finish up my MBA (6 credits this Spring!), learn German and/or French (Duolingo … Continue Reading

Foodie Resolutions for 2015: Revisited

Now that the year is just about over (wow, isn’t that hard to believe…), it seems like an appropriate time to revisit my foodie resolutions for 2015 list that I posted back in January to see how I did. As a recap, the inspiration for this challenge came from an MSN Food & Drink article that featured 51 new things that foodies should try this year. I reviewed the list to weed out the things that I’ve already accomplished and the common sense items (e.g., clean out the fridge… doesn’t seem like … Continue Reading