Resources wouldn’t be visible to you (or anyone else, for that matter) if it wasn’t for my host and registrar, Surpass Hosting and, respectively. Both come highly recommended and have been used, in various capacities, upwards of a decade or more.

This site was created on a laptop that is, admittedly, in need of an upgrade. No, it is not a Mac, and yes, I am aware I lost some cred there. I am fully aware that, at five years, I might as well be working with an abacus. I’m thankful that it is at least running a reasonably clean-and-current version of Windows 7, ok? Hurrah.

Machine aside, just do yourself a favor and use Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, or your fancy iOS browser, please.

When I feel like being creative, I’ll poke around in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, and the rest of the Creative Suite. Version CS3, though, because ain’t nobody got the cash for an upgrade. Other images seen on are either my own or downloaded from stock photo websites. I’ll specify when the need arises, but count on iStockphoto.

And lest we forget WordPress and its menagerie of lovely plugins, layouts, and other add-ons to make blogging life easier. Before that, a throwback shout-out (or something… whatever the kids nowadays are using) goes to B2 and Greymatter. Not like I know where those archived files are right about now, it’s been so long…