The Weekly Musing


As the name implies, The Weekly Musing was aimed to be a weekly meme about pretty much anything that has come to my mind recently along with some corresponding questions. Topics might include a TV show I have been watching, a new album I listened to, a dream I had, a movie I saw… anything goes.

When and Where

I aim to post The Weekly Musing on Sundays, although I sometimes end up posting it on a different day, and I try to answer the questions on Saturdays. Feel free to respond to The Weekly Musing at any point during the week.

The Weekly Musing is apart of Fuchsia Revolver and a category has been created for the entries. Click here to view.


Admittedly, I am partial to specific genres of movies and music, specific television shows, baseball (as opposed to any other kind of sport), etc. but that doesn’t mean that you have to be. If you want to share your musings, please let me know! And hey, if nothing else, it is a plug for you and your site! Email your ideas to anna[@] with “The Weekly Musing” as the subject of the email.

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