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Four Foods on Friday

#127 Tell me your four favorite fruits. I like almost all fruits. Especially when they're ripe and delicious. Yummm. Pineapple D'Anjou Pears Blackberries Golden Delicious Apples #126 Tell me four things that you have made from scratch with chocolate (or just candy if you don’t/can’t have chocolate). The following four things are probably some of my favorite things to make with chocolate. Flourless chocolate torte. A month or so ago, I made a Bon Appetit recipe ... Continue Reading

Four Foods on Friday #115

1. What kind of olive oil do you use? Generally I use whatever is on sale for sauteing, pan frying, etc. My friend just gave me a bottle of olive oil that she got in Italy and I also use olive oil from this local store called Seasons for special applications like putting on grilled and roasted veggies, salads, vinaigrettes, finishing sauces, etc. 2. Do you prefer salted or unsalted butter? I personally like unsalted butter, a must for baking, but my parents generally also buy salted for eating ... Continue Reading

Four Foods On Friday #99

1. How do drink your hot chocolate? Marshmallows? From boxed or scratch? I try to make it from scratch every so often because it tastes so much better, but I also have some Godiva hot chocolate on hand that is a good substitute for scratch. I like mine with whipped cream or marshmallows, depending on my mood. :yummy; 2. Do you prefer cider hot or cold? Cold. 3. Do you like egg nog? Yes, every once in a while. I find that if I buy a pint of it, though, I never drink the entire container; ... Continue Reading

Four Foods On Friday #98

1. How many cookbooks do you have? (1-10, 11-20, 20+) Oh man, probably more than 20. (Speaking of, I've been looking for my Bon Appetit cookbook - the newer one with the orange cover, I think it's a 25th anniversary edition or something - but I can't find it. :frown: I think it's in a box somewhere from when we moved, and I never unpacked it.) 2. Where do you keep your large utensils (such as slotted spoons, spatulas, etc)? In drawers. I had my drawers neatly organized and arranged, but they ... Continue Reading

Four Foods On Friday #78

#1. Mashed potatoes. Do you usually buy the boxes, the frozen or make from scratch. I always try to make mashed potatoes from scratch, because it is easy and tastes better- but we do have a box of the instant flakes in the pantry, and those twice-baked potatoes in the freezer. #2. Cottage cheese. What kind do you like? (large curd, small curd, 2%, 4%, no salt, etc) Large curd. I like to eat cottage cheese with fresh fruit, or they have those double packs where one side is the cottage cheese ... Continue Reading