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Meal Prep Made Easy

In my last post, I mentioned that I have been commuting quite a bit nowadays for a new opportunity. Part of the reason why waking up at 5:30 am is, let’s say, less painful (although, still not my preference) is because of getting back into the good habits of planning in advance. The minutes spent figuring out what to wear in the morning are gone, thanks to hanging up my outfits for the week in a designated spot of my closet (accessories included) so I can grab, wear, and go. Likewise, the scramble ... Continue Reading

Cool Kitchen Gadgets: iSi Twist and Sparkle

NOTICE: Since posting, the iSi Twist 'n' Sparkle product has been recalled in the U.S. and Canada for potential hazards while using. The manufacturer has warned users to stop using the product immediately. For more information, please visit twistnsparkle.com. I was able to get a refund for the products and accessories purchased, so it is a good idea to look into it if you are impacted, too! Here's one of my Christmas presents from Steve: the iSi Twist 'n' Sparkle! The kit comes with a ... Continue Reading

Kitchen Tips: Unnecessary Gadgets & The Almighty Spoon

I love Williams Sonoma and kitchen gadgets... to an extent. Why to an extent? Well, because Williams Sonoma can be very expensive and some of the gadgets they sell are totally unnecessary. I’ll elaborate... I just got an email from Williams-Sonoma.com along with a free shipping offer, so I decided to check out the site to see if they had any new and cool things. I was meaning to buy this hand-held citrus press ($20), so I was looking around the fruit and vegetable tools section to see what other ... Continue Reading