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e-Commerce Options: Entire Paper Now Available

If you don’t want to read it in sections, or missed a few of the sections that were posted before the last one, the entire A Look at e-Commerce Options… paper that I wrote can now be read at this page. It is divided up in the same sections to make it easier to read on a computer screen and includes discussion questions as well as sources.


e-Commerce Options: Part 5

If you missed the first four parts of A Look at e-Commerce Options for Individuals and Small Businesses, don't worry: they're still available! It's been a while, so I'll do a quick recap, even for those who might have glanced through them. Part 1 focused on an introduction to e-Commerce options. Parts 2 and 3 discussed using Etsy and Ebay as selling tools for small-to-medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Part 4 focused on e-Commerce website options. Part 5, the conclusions, ... Continue Reading