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Off to New Orleans!

At the end of this week, I will be getting on a plane to make my way to New Orleans for the Verint Driving Innovation users conference in New Orleans, LA. This conference is for users of the Verint/Vovici voice of the customer (VOC) software, which I helped implement at work and received training on last year. My focus at this conference is going to be to learn more about VOC best practices, since it is a new venture at work and we have struggled with the basics like integrating structured and ... Continue Reading

The Pinterest Phenomenon

Pinterest is one of the hottest social networks to debut in quite some time. Since its launch earlier this year, comScore reported that the site hit over 10 million unique views each day back in February and is now the third most popular social network with over 18 million unique daily views, right behind social giants Facebook and Twitter. Countless brands in the B2C (business-to-consumer) realm have noticed the overwhelming popularity of Pinterest that blossomed in such a short time period ... Continue Reading

The FTC Act and the Guides: What Are They? (Pt. 2)

Additionally, when a blogger writes an endorsement, any expressed experiences that the blogger has with a product or service must be truthful and supplemented by a statement indicating the typical experiences or results of using the product or service ("FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials”). The disclosure of “typical results” would be an issue when discussing a diet plan, for example, or other products and services where outcomes may greatly vary from person to ... Continue Reading

Blogging and You

Hey, visit my BLOG about [whatever topic here]! You have a BLOG about [whatever topic]? ME TOO! YEAH, I totally love blogging! YAY, BLOGGING! I giggle when I hear blogging discussed offline and in the mainstream media, probably because it hasn't been a "new" concept for me for quite some time and because everyone has jumped on the bandwagon with it. Food Network just released a show about a woman who lives on a ranch and she blogs about food and her family, which is probably how she was discovered. ... Continue Reading

The FTC Act and the Guides: What Are They? (Pt. 1)

Enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act (15 U.S.C. §§ 41-58) was originally designed “to promote competition and to protect the public from unfair and deceptive acts and practices in the marketing of goods and services” (Oswald 241). Richard Cleland, the assistant director of the division of advertising practices at the FTC, spoke out about updates made to the Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising in response to current ... Continue Reading